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Bag And Go Packaging Supplies Inc.

We are a Factory Direct Business-to-Business Packaging Solutions Company specialized in utilizing biodegradable plastic. Because of our Direct B2B business model, we are able to offer you highly competitive pricing and top quality products and services for your standard or customized orders of any size.

We encourage you to browse through our web site as well as some of the related links to learn more about biodegradable plastic. We firmly believe that our line of bio-degradable Plastic Packaging products is both a sound business proposition as well as an Environmentally Conscious way to ensure a healthier planet for our future generations.

Our Vision

To Educate, Promote & Provide Cost Effective and Efficient Factory-Direct access to bio-degradable Plastic Packaging solutions to environmentally conscious Businesses & Wholesale/Retail outlets. We endeavor to foster a price competitive Direct Business-to-Business platform from which the Businesses, Consumers & most importantly, the Environment can all benefit from.

Plastic Bags and Us?

Plastic bags play an important role in our daily lives. We use and dispose many of them every single day. It is inexpensive, flexible, durable, and the convenience it has brought us is undeniable. Although plastic bags are most frequently reused (from grocery shopping bag to waste basket liners), high percentage of these plastic bags will end up in landfills and will remain there for years to come.

Our OXO-BIODEGRADABLE products are produced by adding prescribed amount of pro-degradant additive to the conventional manufacturing process. This allows us to keep the incremental production cost of these oxo-biodegradable plastic bags extremely low when compared to conventional plastic products. In additions, by dealing directly with our highly efficient factory, the incremental cost of these Oxo-biodegradable plastic is negligible even when compared to conventional (non-biodegradable) products.

The oxo-biodegradable additive we use are in compliance with ASTM 5510, ASTM D6954-04, ASTM 6400-99, EN 13432, FDA, EU and CFIA standard requirements for food contact and are safe for use in direct food contact application